Welcome Friends of Lisa!

Thank you for joining this private screening of Can You Hear Us Now? and helping us iron out the kinks in our community screening format!

We hope you’ll join us for a post-screening discussion with host Lisa Vihos, producer Susan Peters and Rebecca Clarke (whom you’ll meet in the film).

See below for details on how to watch the film and a link to the post-screening Zoom discussion at 7:30 PM Central on Thursday, October 15th.

How to Watch:

You received a password from your host to unlock the private screener below, which will be available until midnight on October 15th. It’s 87 minutes long so, to be sure you’ve watched it before the discussion, start watching before 6 pm Central on the 15th!

Three ways to watch:

1 - Right here, on your computer! Enter your password and click “Watch Video.” Please select the “full screen” button on the lower right so you see it without distraction. :)
2 - For a better experience, you can “cast” it from your computer or phone to your TV through a service like Apple TV or Chromecast. 
3 - Also on your TV, you can open the Vimeo App on your Apple TV, Chromecast, Firestick etc and search for 15700647 to find this private film.

For closed captions, you will need to watch a paid version of the film on Amazon or Vimeo on Demand.

Join the Post-Screening Discussion:
Can You Hear Us Now? will give you a lot to think and talk about and we aim for all of our community screenings to include and opportunity to do just that. Please join us for a conversation about the film on October 15th at 7:30 pm. Follow this Zoom link to accept an invitation and get a reminder before it starts: Zoom Registration Link

What’s Next for the Film?:

Over the next month, the filmmakers are making Can You Hear Us Now? available free of charge for group screenings, ranging from national organizations focused on gerrymandering and getting women in office to local Leagues of Women Voters, libraries and book clubs. We hope their word of mouth will also reach a broader audience of viewers.

Long-term, we will continue group screenings, with a more concerted focus on redistricting  and government accountability and expand our focus to integrating the film into academic curricula.

What You Can Do:

·1 - Watch the film, share it, post about it and encourage others to talk about it!

2 -  Invite other organizations you're involved in to screen the film. 

3 - Help make our work possible with a tax-deductible contribution. We are fundraising to support outreach, community screenings, and the production of discussion and educational materials for long-term impact. Tax-deductible contributions can be made through our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association at www.documentary.org/project/can-you-hear-us-now.

Susan Peters (producer) - susan@twelveletterfilms.com Jim Cricchi (director) - jim@twelveletterfilms.com

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