We're thrilled to finally screen Can You Hear Us Now? -- a powerful feature documentary that shows the personal impact of an unaccountable state legislature -- with our friends at SGCC.

See below for :

  • Trailer
  • How to watch
  • Background on the film 
  • What’s next & how you can get involved

About the Film:

Small-town activism. Nail-biting elections. A last-minute power grab. In Wisconsin, where extreme partisanship has become the norm, voters are finding their lives increasingly irrelevant to state lawmakers. Through the stories of four tireless women fighting to have their voices heard, Can You Hear Us Now? unravels the ways that years of one-party rule have reshaped democracy in a state at the center of American politics.

How to Watch:
Unlock the private screener below with password sgcc-2020-10, which will be available until midnight on October 18th. 

Three ways to watch:

  1. Right here, on your computer! Enter your password and click “Watch Video.” Please select the “full screen” button on the lower right so you see it without distraction. :)
  2. For a better experience, you can “cast” it from your computer or phone to your TV through a service like Apple TV or Chromecast.
  3. Also on your TV, you can open the Vimeo App on your Apple TV, Chromecast, Firestick etc and search for 15700647 to find this private film.

For closed captions, you will need to watch a paid version of the film on Amazon or Vimeo on Demand.

Background to the screening and release:
Because the film conveys so powerfully what is at stake in state elections, we had a planned private screening with SGCC friends and supporters in March 2020. That screening, along with festival premieres and post production work, were, of course, cancelled and delayed. In the interest of shedding light on the importance of 2020 state races, we decided to forego other festival and distribution delays and release the film through Amazon, Vimeo and other self-distribution platforms.

What's Next:
Over the next month, the filmmakers are making Can You Hear Us Now? available free of charge for group screenings large and small. Beyond November, we will continue group screenings, with a more concerted focus on redistricting  and government accountability and expand our focus to integrating the film into academic curricula.

What You Can Do:

·1 - Watch the film, share it, post about it and encourage others to talk about it!

2 -  Invite other organizations you're involved in to screen the film. (We will link to a screening toolkit here.)

3 - Help make our work possible with a tax-deductible contribution. We are raising $60,000 to support free screenings, the outreach required to get them to organizations that can bring viewers together and production of discussion and educational materials for long-term impact. This is a completely independent film and we need support to ensure it has impact! Tax-deductible contributions can be made through our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association at www.documentary.org/project/can-you-hear-us-now.

Susan Peters (producer) - susan@twelveletterfilms.com Jim Cricchi (director) - jim@twelveletterfilms.com

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